Nike Further Distancing Itself From Lance Armstrong; Will End Deal With Livestrong

By Paul Seaver

Things have certainly not been going according to plan over the last few years for Lance Armstrong.

The list of problems for the one-time hero have only continued. The disassociation in relation to him and the deals that he once had have also continued. Nike was one of them and now the world’s largest shoe and apparel retailer has also announced that it will cut its ties with Livestrong.

According to reports, Nike sold $150 million worth of Livestrong-branded products just last year, but the company has decided to put an end to that deal.

“Nike has made the decision to stop producing new Livestrong product after its Holiday 2013 line,” a Nike spokesperson said in a statement. “We will continue to support the Livestrong Foundation by funding them directly as they continue their work serving and improving outcomes for people facing cancer.”

In the past, Nike has been accused of helping Armstrong cover up his use of performance-enhancing drugs and it has seemingly become apparent that there best option is to slowly, but surely move away from any connection with Armstrong.

Sure, Nike will miss this opportunity and connection with Livestrong, especially with the product itself and their sales, but it may be a situation that simply was “waiting to happen.”

It’s been a quick decline for Armstrong and the loss of the endorsement deals have been obvious. This has become just the latest indication that Nike wants nothing to do with Armstrong.


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