Paulina Gretzky and Dustin Johnson Take Trip to Peanut Island

By Dan Parzych
Paulina Gretzky – WHOSAY

When it comes to some of the hottest daughters of professional athletes, it’s safe to say nobody takes the cake more than Paulina Gretzky–the gorgeous daughter of the famous former NHL player Wayne Gretzky. From her Twitter page to the photos she uploads on Instagram, Gretzky has established a strong fan base by simply just posting amazing photos of herself on social media website.

The latest photos to generate a ton of buzz–a recent trip she took to Peanut Island with famous golfer Dustin Johnson.



As you can see in the photos, Gretzky is looking gorgeous once again as her and Johnson spent time on a boat during their recent trip to Peanut Island–which happens to be near Palm Beach County in Florida. With the holiday weekend wrapping up on Monday, this time of year tends to be a popular time for for vacationers to travel–so it shouldn’t come as a surprise to see Gretzky take advantage of the longer weekend.

Once again, Gretzky proves why she has such a strong fan base considering she looks absolutely stunning in these photos on the boat. As bad as it sounds, looking at these beautiful photos of Gretzky never gets old and it’s safe to say that just about every male in this country is jealous of Johnson.

No matter how rough things may get in the future, make sure you do whatever it takes to hold on to that beautiful Gretzky girl–because she’s certainly worth it.

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