Soda Shaq: Former NBA Star Shaquille O'Neal Launches His Own Beverage Line With AriZona

By Paul Seaver
Jayne Kamin-Ocnea-USA Today Sports

Ladies and gentleman, Shaquille O’Neal has officially launched his own soda line.

It’s like he all of a sudden became a genie named Kazaam and just like that, he can create goodies at the snap of a finger.

Introducing Soda Shaq:

Well, it’s not like Surge didn’t have a great run back in the day, so why not give Soda Shaq a try? I mean it even has four incredible flavors, each including a different Shaq smile on each can.

Upon further research into the new AriZona beverage line involving Shaq, we have found out that the flavors include vanilla cream, strawberry cream, blueberry cream and orange cream flavors. The products are all-natural and have 90 calories per serving.

Excellent news.

Through Shaq’s Twitter account, which has more than 7 million followers, the word is definitely spreading quickly. When the soda hits stores, it is expected to sell for only $.99. So I mean come on, why wouldn’t we all be frolicking to the local convenience store for some Soda Shaq?


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