New Orleans Saints: Jonathan Vilma is Entertaining Presence on Twitter

By Jason Weingartner
Kim Klement-USA Today Sports

We know Jonathan Vilma for many things: New Orleans Saints’ linebacker, Superbowl Champion and recently as one of the alleged ringleaders involved in the Saints’ bounty scandal.

What he doesn’t get nearly enough credit for is being an extremely vocal and entertaining personality on Twitter.

Most would have never pegged Jonathan Vilma to be as genuinely funny as he is.

Here are a few of his better moments. The one thing to take away from these quips is that they’re all dripping with sarcasm.

He’s always sure to let you know when he’s working out, which happens A LOT:

He has been extremely vocal about the lameness of his music taste:

You can safely assume he doesn’t have a single ‘N Sync or Milli Vanilli song on his iPod.

He’s not a fan of New Orleans area lakes:

Don’t worry Jonathan, we can always dream.

He likes to comment on the NBA Playoffs, bilingually:

Jonathan Vilma went to the University of Miami. Here’s his obligatory “I Hate Ohio State” Tweet:

He was likely watching Yo Gabba Gabba! when Ohio State was bounced from the tournament:

And finally, certain fruits and/or vegetables confuse him:

I’m fairly certain we’ve all, at one time or another, considered an avocado tricky …


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