Chicago Bulls Center Joakim Noah Needs a Dance Partner to “Pump Up The Jam”

By Hollie M. Woods
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Who wants to party with Joakim Noah?

From the looks of this 15-second video, practically the whole darn block. And who can blame them? Noah and everyone else in the backyard can really “Pump Up The Jam!”

Noah seems to really enjoy the Eurodance tune “Pump Up The Jam,” a classic made popular by the Belgian group Technotronic, which garnered worldwide success in late 1989 and the early 90s. It became one of the first songs outside of Chicago to establish the hip-house genre, a fusion of house music with elements of hip-hop, as a commercially accepted music genre. Check out the music video here.

There’s nothing like good music and a backyard dance fest to erase the agony of a playoff defeat. If folks expected Noah to be off in a corner licking his wounds like an injured puppy following two grueling playoff series, culminating in the Chicago Bulls eventual loss to the Miami Heat in the Eastern Conference Semifinals, then they just don’t know Noah.

The fact that Noah has always been able to chill and be ordinary– in his extraordinary kind of way – is well, pretty cool. The headdress he’s wearing is a case in point.

There’s been no word on when or exactly where it was in Chicago that this house party took place. All that is known is that he showed up and there was dancing, and Noah tweeted these two words afterwards:

Perhaps Noah was just loosening up for the off-the-court-festivities when the Bulls play their first exhibition game in Brazil next season. Judging from the video, it looks like Noah could use a dance partner — any takers?

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