Baltimore Orioles Embarrass Themselves, Matt Wieters With Awful Plaque

By Devin O'Barr
Matt Wieters gets his name misspelled by the Baltimore Orioles
Joy R. Absalon-USA TODAY Sports

Ever since grade school we have been taught that when dealing with tricky words like “believe” or “yield” to remember the rhyme “I before E except after C.” Well, the Baltimore Orioles front office obviously was never taught that lesson nor have they ever tuned into an Orioles game, apparently.

Matt Wieters is slowly becoming a household name around MLB, and although it appears to be a stretch at this point, I did predict him to win the AL MVP this season. The slugging catcher does a lot of things well, and despite only hitting five home runs in 2013, he does a fantastic job commanding the Orioles’ pitching staff. Getting to the point, someone misspelled Wieters’ name on a plaque that commemorates him smashing a home run onto Eutaw Street last summer– this avenue is located in front of the infamous Camden Yards warehouse.

Either way, the Orioles organization places plaques along the street with the player’s name, team, the date and the distance the home run traveled. The only problem for Wieters is that the E is placed before the I — needless to say someone in the Baltimore public relations department is looking for another job.

Honestly though, did he really need a plaque for a meaningless June 29th home run? It’s been done 68 times and really isn’t that impressive if you ask me.

Hopefully, this gaffe gets fixed sooner rather than later and is not repeated anytime soon. Anyway, the Orioles are flying high with a 32-25 record in an AL East division that is as tough as they come.

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