Is 111-Year Old New York Yankees' Fan Bernando LaPallo Lying About His Age?

By Paul Seaver
The Star-Ledger-USA Today Sports

Nobody really knows what to believe when questioning the age of Bernando LaPallo. He claims he’s 111 years old, but some public records seem to disagree. The LaPallo family claims that his birth date was documented incorrectly back in the 1930s and Bernando claims that he is in fact, 111 years old.

Well, regardless of his age, he’s a New York Yankees‘ fan.

LaPallo has ironically enough used different birth dates and places of birth, according to this Deadspin article. So, what’s the deal here?

Is he really 111 years old? If so, that means he’s the oldest living American in the country and he’d be the second oldest living human being in the world today. That’s somewhat of a big deal.

Either way, LaPallo has originally been linked to being born in both Brazil and New York City. So what is it? In fact, the fan recently visited Yankees Stadium and met with Derek Jeter — the team said that he was from Brazil originally. So, why did he tell ABC News back in August of last year that he was from New York City?

Even a researcher told that he likely isn’t a day of 103.

Who knows what’s going on here. His family claims that he’s not lying, but that’s only natural. LaPallo is probably the only person who knows what’s going on for sure.


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