Jackie Robinson Gloves Sells For $373,000; Bargain Right?

By Devin O'Barr
Photo by Bob Sandberg

Every player in MLB has at least four fielding gloves, so why in the world did one sell for $373,000? Well, Steiner Sports sold a Jackie Robinson game-used glove for that amount and believe it or not, the buyer got a pretty good deal.

Robinson is a legend to the game of baseball and the civil rights movement, so it’s no mystery why someone would spent more than a quarter of a million dollars to say they are now a part of the African American’s legendary career. Apparently, said glove was used by No. 42 in both the 1955 and 56 World Series. Robinson spent both of those years with the Brooklyn Dodgers who won the title in 1995, but were defeated by the New York Yankees the following season .

While the price seem steep to some, keep in mind that Robinson’s glove isn’t even the most expensive in the market. In 1999, sports memorabilia guru Barry Halper sold Lou Gehrig‘s last used mitt for $387,500. Given the impact that both have had on the great game, it’s not far-fetched to say that both buyers got some bang for their buck with their purchases.

However, if it were me throwing out that kind of cash, I would undoubtedly want something that Robinson used as opposed to something that Gehrig played in. Not to mention, Gehrig’s glove has some baggage attached to it as the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum claims that they indeed have the famous Yankees players’ last glove — someone isn’t telling the truth, and that same person made hundreds of thousands off of a lie.

For now, the Robinson relic remains without such issues.

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