Los Angeles Lakers' Dwight Howard Loses Free-Throw Contest To Housewife

By ronnycarlton
Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

Dwight Howard is not a good free-throw shooter. We might understand this intellectually, but when he loses a free throw competition to a mother of three, it takes new meaning.

Howard agreed to an interview with famed Los Angeles Times columnist, T.J. Simers. During the interview, Simers’ daughter Kelzer challenged Howard to an impromptu free-throw shooting contest.

Simers conducted the interview at a local gym, presumably to loosen Howard up for the interview. Howard was a good sport about it all, volunteering to shoot left-handed. Sadly, Howard’s shooting form looked better shooting with his left (the results are the same though).

Howard finished 3 of 9 (he didn’t shoot his last free throw), while Simers daughter made 5 of 10. Obviously, this doesn’t mean much as we already knew that Howard wasn’t a good free throw shooter, and losing to a soccer mom didn’t change that.

To her credit, Kelzer did her best to psych out Howard. Upon meeting Howard, she remarked “Oh I didn’t know who you were.” As Howard clanged yet another free throw, she quipped “Kobe thinks you’re soft.” Howard took it all in stride, but can you imagine a soccer mom talking trash to Kobe Bryant or Michael Jordan?

Why would Dwight Howard subject himself to this? During the interview, Howard claims he no longer cares what others think. Nothing could be further from the truth; the interview is a blatant attempt by Howard to rebuild his image.

It’s a cute Youtube video, but it also shows that Dwight Howard is still Dwight Howard.

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