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Hottest WAGs Who Began Dating Athletes

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2013 Athlete WAGs

Source: 247-las-vegas.com

Women are known for dating famous athletes. The girls on this list have started dating them within the last couple of years and they are working their way to the top. Some of them have dated multiple athletes but others are just now debuting their existence dating professional athletes.

Either way, these girls are the hottest wives and girlfriends of today’s athletes. Whether they’re blonde with blue eyes or have a banging body, these girls are always seen with their boo on the big screen.

From baseball to NASCAR, there are a variety of athletes that have found themselves a good-looking lady. Some are from the United States and others are from around the world. Whether they are famous or not, these girls have made it big time and could make some money if they decide to marry these athletes.

It was hard for me to make a list because I honestly don’t pay that much attention to the dating scene of athletes. I prefer the statistics and awards aspect of most sports. I’m sure you could easily think of a lot more women that deserve a top on the list.

So who do you think deserves the top spot? I didn’t number them so you can figure that out for yourself; it’s a little hard for me to judge. Can you predict the females that you will see in the next few slides? Take a look and see!

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Paulina Gretzky (Dustin Johnson)

Source: ridethepine.com

Her first athlete was a hockey player, which is ironic considering her dad was NHL legend Wayne Gretzky. But Paulina has moved onto the world of the PGA tour with Johnson.

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Irina Shayk (Cristiano Ronaldo)

Source: ahorafondos.com

Shayk has dated a few popular men but Ronaldo is her first soccer player. They started dating in 2010 and as far as we know, they are still together.

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Torrie Wilson (Alex Rodriguez)

Source: Debby Wong- USA Today Sports

Wilson is a model, actress and fitness competitor so clearly she's into the athletes. She has dated a couple of different WWE wrestlers, including Peter Gruner and Nick Mitchell. Now she has entered the baseball world with one of the most renowned daters in MLB history.

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Laken Kurtz (Graham Rahal)

Source: zychhandbags.com

This is probably the most random person on the list. She's not an athlete or a celebrity, she's just your average person. Rahal is an IndyCar driver but at least he was able to find a hott chick.

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Kacie McDonnell (Jonathan Pettibone)

Source: collectivefan.com

McDonnell first dated Christian Ponder but has now entered the baseball world by dating Phillies pitcher, Pettibone.

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Anne Vyalitsyna (Matt Harvey)

Source: Brad Penner- USA Today Sports

Vyalitsyna has dated a variety of celeberities including Calvin Harris and Adam Levine. Last month, she finally entered the athlete world and began dating Matt Harvey.

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Adriana Ugarte (Alex Gonzales)

Source: famousas.es

She may be a movie star, but now we know that she is also a sports fan. Ugarte began dating Gonzalez earlier this year so it's a little hard to tell what their history will hold. It will make it even more interesting considering Gonzalez was just let go from the Atlanta Braves.

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Katherine Webb (A.J. McCarron)

Source: Matthew Emmons- USA Today Sports

Being the former Miss Alabama clearly had it's perks for this girl. Although she hasn't dated a plethora of athletes yet, she easily could. Even the TV cameras can't stop focusing on her in the stands at various sporting events.

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Krystle Campbell (Ryan Howard)

Source: ranker.com

These two just got married in December 2012 but dated for over a year. She is a cheerleader for the Philadelphia Eagles but definitely enjoys her baseball boy that plays for the Philadelphia Phillies.These newlyweds were featured after their wedding by participating in the new TLC show, Trash The Dress. Campbell was also seen with Philadelphia Flyers' Jeff Carter a few years back.