Airline Pilot's Crying Baby Jab Proves Sidney Crosby's Reputation Is Inescapable

By Lauren Burg
Sidney Crosby
Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

It’s no secret that Pittsburgh Penguins‘ star Sidney Crosby spent his early years complaining to referees. While he may have matured over the years, people don’t easily forget the past.

That became quite obvious when the pilot of a Boston-bound flight, and die-hard Boston Bruins fan, asked if a crying baby on board was Crosby himself. Not a huge surprise considering many other NHL fans share his view, but still gutsy as it’s likely Penguin fans were also on board.

Down two games to none after being completely obliterated 6-1 Monday night, let’s see how this jab affects Crosby. He’s been less than stellar, with no points this series. His turnover also led to Brad Marchand‘s goal about 30 seconds into Game 2.

His first game was even worse reputation-wise. Once the horn sounded to end Period 2, he was seen giving Bruins’ goaltender Tuukka Rask a shot before confronting and getting into it with fellow captain Zdeno Chara.

Yes, it’s true. The best player in the world according to many has done nothing but lose his temper, something the Penguins cannot afford. At least not if they wish to overcome this deficit and advance.

Why the pilot said what he did is unknown, but I’m betting the fact he’s a Bruins fan combined with Crosby’s past whining antics certainly played a large role.

Can players change as they get older?

Sure. But the past can’t completely be escaped. Just ask Crosby.


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