Frustrated New England Patriots Fan Receives Tim Tebow Fathead Instead of Tom Brady

By Dan Parzych
(Phil Sears/USA Today Sports)

When it comes to being a sports fan, it’s always fun to show off your memorabilia–whether it’s a jersey of your favorite player or just a simple poster. As for one New England Patriots fan, he’s currently feeling the frustration of receiving the wrong Fathead when he originally ordered one of Tom Brady.

Unfortunately, mistakes take place in the business world more often than they should, but this Patriots fan made it clear on his Reddit account how frustrated he was to receive a Fathead of former New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow instead of Brady. As if liking the Jets isn’t already painful enough for any Patriots fan, receiving one of Tebow–who turned out to be nothing but a head case–has to be the ultimate slap to the face. Take a look at the photo below posted on Reddit:

The best part about this is how quickly this fan’s story is spreading across the internet as just about every sports fan has heard about the mistake by Fathead. On the bright side, this fan could have received a Fathead post much worse than Tebow–someone like JaMarcus Russell.

Either way, I’m sure this problem will easily be resolved by Fathead as this fan will receive his Brady poster in no time once he sends the Tebow one back. Then again, it’s difficult not to wonder how desperate Fathead is to get rid of any Fathead poster they still have of Tebow on the Jets considering it’s most likely not nearly as popular of an item as it used to be.

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