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Gregg Popovich: Top 5 Sideline Interviews From San Antonio Spurs’ Coach

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Top 5 Gregg Popovich Sideline Interviews

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

The mystery of San Antonio Spurs coach Gregg Popovich is one that may terrify sideline reporters, but it keeps the rest of us rolling with laughter each time the Spurs play on national television. Popovich absolutely hates to be bothered during games, but the NBA now requires coaches to answer two questions at the end of the first or third quarter (depending which is the home team) of every nationally-televised game.

That means sideline reporters everywhere take a nervous gulp right before making the dreaded trip from media row to the floor to ask Popovich two questions that decide their fate on a stage seen by the entire country. David Aldridge, Doris Burke, Lisa Salters and other "elite" sideline reporters all say that interviewing Pop during games is the worst part of their jobs, but the most colorful (literally) of all of them -- Craig Sager -- actually enjoys it (we'll get into that later).

So over the last few years since the sideline interviews have become mandatory, Pop has delivered some gems, although not many of them were polite. So we've compiled a list of his top five performances during sideline interviews alone. Of course, there are tons of other priceless Pop moments from other media gatherings, but these sideline bits are priceless in their own right. So enjoy the videos and don't forget to comment below when you're done with your favorites!

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"Nobody's Happy"

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY

David Aldridge triggered a nerve with the word "happy" during a sideline interview and Pop let him have it. Pop doesn't like what he calls stupid questions and he doesn't like to be "led" with questions, either. He says he wishes reporters would simply let him give an assessment on a situation rather than ask him pinpointed questions that give him no opportunity for a good answer. Of course, we don't really expect him to ever give a really good, in-depth answer ever.

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"Are You Going to Keep It to Yourself?"

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY

Pop was definitely in a better mood this time around and had a little bit of fun with Aldridge before returning to the bench. Contrary to popular belief, Pop can be pretty cool at times. Many sideline reporters talk about how much they enjoy talking to Pop before games off camera. Some even say he'll joke with them before the game about how he's going to be extremely rude during the sideline interview.

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"No 2nd Question?

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

This was definitely Aldridge's finest hour with Pop as he got the Spurs' coach to smile despite his team trailing by 12 points. Pop knows the drill, so he was trying to get out of there quickly, but cordially and Aldridge threw him a monkey wrench, which always gets Pop in a lighter mood.

Pop is an extremely intelligent individual with no patience for stupidity, so throwing him off guard in any way will always get him to open up, if only slightly. It's just as much of a game to him as it is the reporters.

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Pop Schools Charles Barkley

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Aldridge threw Pop a curve ball with only one question in the last one, but Charles Barkley was informed of how to do his "job" when he made a light-hearted fill-in appearance during one broadcast. Naturally, Pop was a little more friendly with Chuck and that spilled over slightly when Sir Charles asked the Spurs' coach a third question, which was one too many.

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The Best of Pop and Craig Sager

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

What would a top Pop list be without some Craig Sager? TNT's colorful sideline specialist has a plethora of priceless moments with Pop, so there's no way to narrow them down. Thus, we hope you'll enjoy this collage of bits that includes some other funny Pop moments through the years.

Sager looks at interviewing Pop as a "challenge" and always tries to think of questions that won't allow the Spurs' coach to give one-word answers. Of course, Pop found a way to deliver anyway when asked about what changes needed to be made following a subpar quarter by his team. His answer: "None."