Jimmy Kimmel Comes Through With Hilarious Fake Nike Ad For Tiger Woods

By Dan Parzych
(Allan Henry/USA Today Sports)

As bad as it sounds, jokes related to Tiger Woods and his sex scandal from a few years ago seems like a thing that isn’t going to stop being funny anytime soon–so it shouldn’t be a surprise to see Jimmy Kimmel taking advantage and poke fun of the golfer’s new deal with Nike.

With the way things have gone lately, it should be no surprise that Tiger is on the verge of signing an enormous new endorsement deal with Nike and for a company well known for their popular catch phrase “Just Do It”–the joke just seemed too easy for Kimmel to pull off.

Kimmel has always been one of the most popular late-night talk show hosts in my mind and a skit like this proves why he’s considered one of the funniest individuals in the business once again with this hilarious video. For those of you that have been living under a rock for the last couple of years, Kimmel decided to poke fun at the sex scandal he was involved with quite some time ago and as mentioned before–the slogan “Just Do It” seems too easy not to tie in a joke related to Tiger.

On a positive note, at least Tiger has looked like his old self as of lately–both in the golf and real world. Woods was already living the good life before and with this new deal from Nike–it looks like things just became even more better for Tiger.

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