Los Angeles Lakers Forward Metta World Peace Reads Stories to Children, Obviously

By Paul Seaver
Gary A. Vasquez-USA Today Sports

Story time with Metta World Peace. Of course this is real, don’t act as if you weren’t expecting the Los Angeles Lakers forward to be doing good deeds.

World Peace recently went on Time Warner Cable Sportsnet to read and promote his new book “Metta’s Bedtime Stories.” Coincidentally enough, an entire setting was put in place and a number of youngsters were in front of World Peace to listen to him read.

If y0u don’t believe this, take a look at the video below:


It’s just another chapter in the World Peace saga. He’s made a living as a tough guy in the NBA, but since then he has progressed both on and off the court as a representative of World Peace — literally. He’s rapped in the past, he’s tweeted in the past, he’s worn a Cookie monster outfit to a press conference in the past, and the legend of Metta has also been reported in the past to have healed from a knee injury because he is too sexy for his cat.

Yes, he’s a character for sure.

So, it’s only fitting that World Peace would read his new book in front of a group of children. Or, that he’d even write a children’s book.

On a side note, who knows if the book is actually any good — the kids do seem attentive in the video though.

By the way, nothing beats the little kid on the far right where a Kobe Bryant jersey.


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