Dick Vitale Tweets "Supportive" Tony Parker Message to Eva Longoria

By Paul Seaver
Steve Mitchell-USA Today Sports

There’s been doubt about who has been the San Antonio Spurs‘ MVP thus far in this year’s playoff run — it’s Tony Parker.

On Thursday night in Game 1 of the NBA Finals, Parker brought his A game again, scoring 21 points and dishing out six assists in the Spurs’ 92-88 road victory. San Antonio outscored the Miami Heat by seven points in the fourth quarter, limiting their offensive attack to just 16 points in the final 12 minutes of play.

After the game however, Parker’s name was spreading throughout Twitter, but not just for his critical play late in the contest.

Dick Vitale took to Twitter to voice his own opinions on the game and Parker’s performance. He even decided that it’d be a good idea to tweet at Parker’s ex — Eva Longoria.

Longoria never responded to Dickie V, which is probably obvious,  but as you can tell from the tweet above, the indication that it set off was obvious. Vitale’s tweet has over 4,000 retweets as of Friday morning.

To be fair to Dickie V, it didn’t really come all that much out of the blue, although it may have seemed that way.

Longoria tweeted her thoughts on the Spurs and she actually predicted that San Antonio would take this series in five games.

Hilarity aside in this situation, the heat is on for Miami, as they must avoid a 2-0 hole on Sunday when the team’s meet once again.


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