Watch Chad Johnson's Butt Slap of His Attorney That Landed Him 30 Days in Jail

By Dan Parzych
Chad Johnson
(Steve Mitchell/USA Today Sports)

If Chad Johnson–or Chad Ochocinco is you still want to call him that–still thinks he has any chance of playing in the NFL again, his latest incident certainly won’t help his case when it comes to proving his maturity is no longer an issue.

Johnson was sentenced to 30 days in prison for violating his probation from a domestic violence case involving Evelyn Lozada–his ex-wife. What makes this story even more bizzarre is Johnson was on the verge of accepting a plea deal for his actions before he decided to let him immaturity come out once again.

As you can see in the video above, Johnson gave his attorney a nice pat on the butt (like most athletes do in sports as a way to say “good job) for the work he did with the case, but Broward Judge Kathleen McHugh quickly changed her mind and rejected the plea deal for the former wideout’s actions. McHugh was already having a difficult time believing that Johnson was taking this whole case seriously and you can see how quickly she became frustrated with the fact that everybody in the courtroom started laughing after the butt slap took place.

It may seem a bit extreme that Johnson would be sent to jail for 30 days for slapping the butt of his attorney, but this is just one of numerous incidents in which Johnson has tried to be funny by being the center of attention. They always say one small decision can play such a major impact on your life every once and a while and now–Johnson has to think about what would have happened if he just decided to be serious for once in his life and avoid being funny while in the courtroom on Monday.

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