New York Jets As Family Guy Characters

By alfredepps
Rich Barnes- USA Today Sports

If you follow outside linebacker Ricky Sapp of the New York Jets on Twitter, you’ll know that he is an avid watcher of the  TV show Family Guy.

A following of avid Family Guy viewers have started to look forward to Sapp’s posts each time an episode is aired. I wonder if other Jets players and/or staff are watching the show as much as Sapp. I doubt it, but you never know. Now, if the players were Family Guy characters, which ones would they be?

Rex Ryan would have to be Peter Griffin, a guy who is care-free, out spoken, and is struggling to keep his family in check. I hope Ryan watches this show with Sapp because he would definitely agree with the similarities of him and Peter. Mark Sanchez lives the life of Chris Griffin. Sanchez has tried to fit in New York, but he has started to lose the confidence of  his teammates and the Jets organization over the last two season.

He has become a misfit in a lot of people’s eyes, just like Chris, who struggles with social awkwardness.

The character that Antonio Cromartie have similarities with is Glenn Quagmire. Quagmire is the Griffins’ sex-addict next door neighbor. Cromartie, having fathered 12 children with eight women living in six states, definitely qualifies as having a similar trait.

Cleveland Brown with have to be Nick Mangold. When you look at Mangold, you’ll see he is mild mannered and has his own unique laugh like Brown. Just listen to him chuckle one day. Geno Smith, you are definitely Stewie Griffin. You are the rookie on the team, but your mouth runs like water just like Stewie’s.

Family Guy’s show producers need to add Sapp on to the show for one episode for as much as he watches and endorses it on his Twitter timeline.

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