Oakland Coliseum and the Top 10 Worst NFL Stadiums

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Top 10 Worst NFL Stadiums

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Okay, okay, this is a debate that could surely have some repercussions. Fans are passionate, not only about their teams, but also about where their teams play.

Bottom line is this, however -- some stadiums need upgrades because not all stadiums hold that old and historic aspect.

Some NFL organizations have made moves recently and others have plans to, but let's look at the overall scheme of things -- can anyone catch Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys in terms of stadium upgrades? Probably not, but don't worry because stadium upgrades doesn't have much to do with winning division titles and Super Bowls and Jones is struggling in that department, unfortunately. Come on Tony Romo, throw more touchdowns, you have a massive television screen above you each game.

Let's not get sidetracked here, we are talking about the top ten worst NFL stadiums in the league, not Jones' strategic exercises.

Without further ado, let's take a look at them individually:

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No. 10- Raymond James Stadium: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

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They have a pirate ship and a cannon, but that's not making Raymond James Stadium any cooler. It's old news pretty much and the best part about playing in Tampa Bay might be the weather.

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No. 9- Paul Brown Stadium: Cincinnati Bengals

Howard Smith-USA Today Sports

I asked a non-Bengals fan who has visited Paul Brown Stadium what he thought. He said, "eh, it's not something you'd go back too." Okay, onto to the next one.

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No. 8- Bank of America Stadium: Carolina Panthers

Bob Donnan-USA Today Sports

The Carolina Panthers are beginning anew around Cam Newton, but his flare on the field exceeds the field and stadium itself. That's a problem.

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No. 7- LP Field: Tennessee Titans

Jim Brown-USA Today Sports

The Titans organization has bounced around over the past few decades, but they apparently seem settled in at LP Field. That's good and all, but this cheerleader might be one of the top attractions at a home game this season -- that includes the team itself.

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No. 6- EverBank Field: Jacksonville Jaguars

Phil Sears-USA Today Sports

A picture says 1000 words, right? Well, the above picture pretty much reiterates the fact that Jaguars struggle to put fans in the seats and in turn, the list of attractions for a home game doesn't do Jacksonville much justice. Maybe they should've made a play at Tim Tebow.

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No. 5- FedEx Field: Washington Redskins

Geoff Burke-USA Today Sports

The field conditions were so bad at FedEx Field a year ago that the future of this Redskins' franchise tore his ACL. Robert Griffin III and Alfred Morris need a proper field to play on.

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No. 4- Ralph Wilson Stadium: Buffalo Bills

Timothy T. Ludwig-USA Today Sports

Okay, so back to that whole "a picture says 1000 words" theme -- come on Buffalo, really? A new quarterback is in town and his name his E.J. Manuel -- let's see if this stadium can become more of an attraction in the coming years.

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No. 3- SunLife Stadium: Miami Dolphins

Kirby Lee-USA Today Sports

The Dolphins have been playing at SunLife Stadium forever. Those palm trees look good, though and at least the weather is nice.

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No. 2- O.co Coliseum: Oakland Raiders

Kirby Lee-USA Today Sports

Oh man, the Raiders. This organization continues to struggle and they still share a stadium with the Oakland Athletics. No wonder why these guys have bags over their heads.

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No. 1- Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome: Minnesota Vikings

Bruce Kluckhohn-USA Today Sports

You've probably seen the video of the dome roof collapsing last year after a monster snowstorm. It snows in Minnesota, why can't the Vikings have a stadium that's equipped for that? Oh, they have plans to build a new stadium? Great, but until its built and open, the Metrodome owns the top spot.

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  • Aiden Kruskov

    that’s a stupid picture of buffalo; that stadium sells out, every game. fake report!

  • Aiden Kruskov

    the dolphins used to be in joe Robbie stadium, and others. so not forever, twit.

    • Ren Hoek

      Not forever – Correct! But Joe Robbie stadium is the same venue that’s still home to the Dolphins, just with a new name. This venue has also been called Pro Player Park, Pro Player Stadium, Dolphin Stadium, Dolphins Stadium, and Land Shark Stadium. So who’s the twit now?

  • Bojesphob

    I agree with the comments on Paul Brown Stadium. I’ve been to several games there, and several at the stadium in Cleveland, and the old Metrodome in Detroit, and by far, Mike Brown spares every expense. You drive by the stadium in downtown, and you can’t even tell it’s for the Bengals except for the word “Bengals” on the side. Worst fan experience out of all of them (and that’s saying a lot, since the Metrodome was terrible in it’s own right).

  • JunoJag

    All Jaguar fans are tired of the entire country laying on us about attendance issues. The jags haven’t had a game blacked out in over three years, and even with tarps over a few sections, Everbank Field still has more capacity than 2/3 of the stadiums in the NFL. The picture this dork claims, “says a thousand words” is taken in a nose bleed section on a day where it must have been raining because half the people in picture are wearing ponchos. I sat in the stadium for every home game last year, when the team went 2-14, and the stadium was slammed during kickoff. Granted the Jags managed to loss many home games in double digit fashion so the 4th quarter was pretty sparse, and those are the pictures and images that the national media chooses to portray Jacksonville with. I’d challenge anyone to find a picture of a packed stadium at 3:30 Sunday afternoon when the home team is down by 30 points with eight minutes left in the game. If attendance is the only reason Everbank was put on this list then the ranking is unwarranted.

  • Ryan Jenkins

    The Metrodome is hands down better than at least 7 of those others, get a clue.

  • jmach11

    This article must have been written on behalf of the owners in order to try to get cities to spend money renovating stadiums. Like all other businesses, they should be required to build their own facility.

  • Jim Aroyo

    Who cares about the stadiums? Jerry Jones screwed over homeowners in Arlington, Texas and stole their homes. He suckered taxpayers into paying what would have been half for the stadium, then ended up having to pay $400 million more himself for cost overruns. But, under his “leadership”, his Cowboys have had dismal seasons for awhile and will continue to have lousy seasons. I’d rather have a winner in one of the 10 worst than a loser in the best.

  • Dave

    Pictures also lie. The pic of Ralph Wilson stadium suggests there are no fans there. There could be nothing further from the truth!

  • RichinOP

    Paul Seaver is an idiot. Top 10 Worst Stadiums? Lambeau should be near the top simply based on age. San Diego’s stadium is the only reason the city hasn’t hosted a Super Bowl. This isn’t about stadium’s but more about stadium experience. Since when does number of fans determine anything about the stadium. Or weather? If weather is that important, the MetroDome can’t be the worst .. not inside anyway. Jeez, do some reporting.