Papa John's Snubs Chicago Blackhawks, Thinks Boston Bruins Are Playing Pittsburgh Penguins in Stanley Cup Finals

By Paul Seaver
Rob Grabowski-USA Today Sports

The Stanley Cup Finals got underway on Wednesday night as the Boston Bruins and Chicago Blackhawks hit the ice for the right to claim an early edge in the series that will decide an NHL champion here in 2013.

Well, for future reference, don’t ask Papa John’s for any hockey insight, as they clearly don’t even know who’s playing in this year’s Stanley Cup Finals. The Pittsburgh Penguins are playing?

Take a look below at the tweet that went out on Wednesday night from the Papa John’s official Twitter account:

So, who do you have? Bruins or Penguins?

Well, hockey fans alike know that Boston swept Pittsburgh last week in the Eastern Conference Finals, so Papa John — do we get free pizza for picking the Bruins in relation to this question? What if Peyton Manning was involved in this tweet somehow?

Either way Papa John, it’s the Bruins and the Blackhawks who are competing in the Stanley Cup Finals. Although, I’m sure Pittsburgh would love to be participating, they aren’t, unfortunately.

Let’s just hope that Papa John isn’t … well you know … doing “Louisville Cardinals national championship things” again. We all know that he certainly had a massive night, that night.

Don’t worry Chicago, Papa John surely learned via the Twitter reaction that ensued that it’s Chicago vs. Boston for the Stanley Cup. Hey, sometimes you have to learn the hard way, right?


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