Carl Pettersson's Ball Gets Hit By Another Ball During Backswing in U.S. Open

By Dan Parzych
Carl Pettersson
(JD Mercer/USA Today Sports)

There are plenty of great stories from the 2013 U.S. Open from Tiger Woods to Rory McIlroy, but it’s safe to say what happened to Swedish pro golfer Carl Pettersson on the fifth hole Friday morning.

As you can see in the video above, Pettersson was finishing up his first round from the previous day and was about to take a shot on the fifth hole before his swing was interrupted by another golf ball that came along and hit the one he was supposed to hit. Apparently, the shot that knocked out Pettersson’s ball came from Brandon Crick on the second hole–which clearly means he must have messed up on his shot big time.

This little experience by Pettersson is one of those things in golf that we may never see again considering the chances of something like this happening again are extremely rare. They say you should never interrupt a player in the middle of his backswing and that was clearly the case for Pettersson–even though this was far from intentional.

On the bright side, at least it’s one of the main highlights from this year’s U.S. Open that hopefully Pettersson and fans can laugh it considering there’s a chance they won’t see a shot like this ever again. Also, take into consideration this situation could have ended up a lot more dangerous as Pettersson and anyone else around him should consider themselves lucky for not getting hit by a line-drive shot from Crick–which would have been extremely painful to deal with.

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