New York Mets Reached Out to Dating Site 'Cougar Life' to Help With All Star Votes For David Wright

By Dan Parzych
David Wright
(Evan Habeeb/USA Today Sports)

How bad do the New York Mets want David Wright to start in the 2013 MLB All Star Game? Apparently, they want him to start so bad–they were willing to reach out to a popular dating site called “Cougar Life” in an attempt to get some extra promotion.

With this year’s contest taking place at Citi Field, it’s no surprise to see the Mets doing everything in their power to get votes for Wright considering he has the best chance of anyone on the team to start. As bad as it sounds, New York doesn’t have the best of players on their roster outside of Wright and Matt Harvey–which is why the Mets best shot at having one of their own start in their own stadium comes down to Wright.

It’s understandable why New York would want to help Wright earn votes, but to reach out to a dating site like Cougar Life? Come on–even for a team like the Mets that’s a new low point. In case you were wondering about the website, be sure to check out one of their promotional videos below.

Wright certainly deserves the chance to start this year as he’s batting .288 on the year so far to go along with nine home runs, 35 RBIs, and 12 stolen bases. And even though the Mets did end up passing on the chance to work with the company to help earn extra votes, it certainly would have been entertaining to see Wright featured on Cougar Life just to receive votes for this year’s All-Star Game taking place next month.

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