Allen Iverson's Ex-Wife Claims That Former NBA Star "Stole Their Kids"

By Paul Seaver
Eric Hartline-USA Today Sports

Former NBA star Allen Iverson is in the news again and unfortunately enough, it’s an issue that has nothing to do with basketball.

According to report from TMZ, Iverson’ ex-wife, Tawanna Iverson, is claiming that former point guard “stole their kids” and is keeping that a Sheraton hotel in Georgia.

Wait, what?

According to the report, Tawanna says that Iverson told her that he wanted to take the kids on a mini vacation to Charlotte, North Carolina back in late May and when she set up an exchange to pick them back up on Jun. 4 — he nor the kids never showed up. Tawanna is reportedly growing more concerned because of Iverson’s drinking problem.

Tawanna wants her kids back and she is pushing for the authorities to throw Iverson in jail. This isn’t the first time either, as she has also claimed in the past that Iverson has never paid for child support.

The most bizarre part of this story is the fact that Tawanna says that Iverson has abducted his own kids — wouldn’t that warrant a little more attention? She set up an exchange on Jun. 4, but it’s only just now becoming public news? Weird —  you would think that the kids who range from ages 3 to 16, would garner a little more attention given Tawanna’s claims that Iverson “stole” them.

Iverson, who continues to be an off-the-court mess since his playing days ended, has no custody of the children. Tawanna has been granted sole and primary physical custody of them.


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