Michael Jordan's Lawsuit Against Dominick's is Ridiculous; Judge Makes MJ Look Silly

By Jeric Griffin
Michael Jordan
Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

The food store Dominick’s should not have used Michael Jordan‘s name without permission and they are now being held liable in court. However, His Airness’ lawsuit against the franchise is absolutely ridiculous and it’s about time someone called out MJ for his arrogance. We have U.S. District Judge Milton Shadur to thank.

Jordan’s attorney, Frederick Sperling, demanded that the president of Dominick’s be present during the trial and stated that Jordan shouldn’t have to appear. Don’t worry, Judge Shadur put an end to that nonsense with this response to Sperling:

“I think it would be a constructive use of time to see whether some element of sanity cannot be introduced into this matter. Are you allergic to the notice that [Jordan] somehow ought to participate in a lawsuit that he brought?”

Don’t you love that?! MJ has been walking all over people because he’s Michael Jordan for years and now a federal judge is putting him in his place. At least there is at least one sane person making lawful rulings in this country.

Here’s the best part: Jordan entered the closed-door courtroom settlement hearing via an underground parking garage and a private elevator so he wouldn’t be seen. So he knows how absurd this lawsuit it and Shadur summed it up with one word: greedy.

Look, Jordan is the greatest player to ever touch a basketball, hands down; LeBron James and Kobe Bryant only wish they were worthy to even be compared with HIs Airness. However, Jordan doesn’t get to live outside the law just because of his incredible basketball career.

A special thanks goes out to Judge Shadur for proving that there are still some good people in this world.

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