Someone Spells 'College World Series' Wrong on Dugout Sign

By Dan Parzych
College World Series
(Howie Lindsey Twitter)

When it comes to sports, just about every mistake will be pointed out if caught on television considering the millions of viewers that are watching the event. So when there was a mistake made in the opening round of the College World Series in which “College” was spelled “Colllege” with three l’s on one of the dugouts–it’s obviously something that people are going to notice.

That’s right–someone actually made the mistake of spelling the word college wrong. It’s one thing if this was a minor mistake that could be fixed quickly, but the fact that nobody managed to pick up on this error makes you wonder–what exactly is going on with the crew in Omaha that helped put this event together?

The College World Series is one of the most popular events in all of sports and conducting such a simple mistake like this in the first place is completely embarrassing on their end. The worst thing about this is nobody realized college was spelled wrong before it was too late and thanks to one individual’s photo from the stands–everybody in the sports world knows about it.

To all of you involved with organizing these types of events in the sports world, do us a favor and make sure to check your spelling twice before finishing these types of projects up. There are second graders out there who know to double check the spelling of college when writing it out–so let this be a lesson to all when it comes to checking your work twice.

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