Tweet Mania 2013: LeBron James Edition

By Joseph Nardone
Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

I have a love-hate relationship with the Internet. Sure, being that it is an inanimate object and all, me having any emotional feelings about it is awkward at best, but I digress. You see, the thing about the wonderful realm of the interweb is the same thing that makes my mind slaughter sheep instead of count them. You know, people.

It is social media. A wonderful device that spreads news, opinions and the like quicker than anything before it. Unfortunately, it also makes the world much smaller, makes everyone an expert and lets folks trash other people for being way more successful in their profession than they are at theirs – all while doing so in anonymity.

All of that bothers me – and most of you – to a very high degree. It isn’t that we think people shouldn’t have opinions or want to share them. We just hope it would be at least semi-educated, maybe humorous or some other way that doesn’t result with a facepalm.  Regardless, much like the Confederation in The Wing Commander video game series (yes, I am a nerd. So what? Say something), it is time for us to strike back against the Kilrathi – or in this case, evil trolls.

For this week, of the likely not to be weekly series of Tweet Mania, we take a look at folks “educated”, “insightful” and “inspiring” potshots at LeBron James. Shall we take this wonderful journey together? I think so.

The majority of people, Mr. Bell? I’d like to see a few stats to back up that self-serving claim. Oh, by the way, first names can also be capitalized, but I understand your not paid for your grammar while breaking down a grown man’s popularity.

Did Michael Jordan never say dog in pregame warm ups? How do you know? Where you a professional basketball player before your Twitter career began? Also, a man whose avatar has him sporting wrestling gear earmuffs should probably refrain from calling another personal childish. Also, for context, you can read the rest of his tweets and decide whether or not he is the right person to call someone childish.

Good. I was getting nervous you were going unnoticed.

While Nick thinks James throws games, at least unlike others he thinks he does so to become a god.

Your random kick a guy while he is down tweet.

Okay, okay. Not relative to the discussion at all. However, this does highlight my ‘folks are dopes’ theory. You couple this guy’s blind loyalty for Kobe Bryant with the fact he (from other tweets on his timeline) hates the Miami Heat, well, there is no way this guy cannot be biased, right?

Um, yeah. He also – I swear to whatever god you worship – followed that tweet up by calling another person a wiener.

He is doing just swell. A little too busy, but thanks for checking in.

I know those were not exactly the best tweets from the last few days concerning James. But to be fair, I work in a PG industry – as in, I am not about to throw the multiple racists or obscenity filled tweets in one of my otherwise well-to-do articles (Okay, I would, but kids might be reading). Hopefully that provides some of you with relief from the mean streets of Twitter. I mean, we have to see stupid people talk on it all day, why can’t we talk about the stupid people from time to time?

Joseph is a contributor for Rant Sports. Follow him on Twitter (or maybe don’t) @JosephNardone

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