20 Hottest Female Sports Reporters

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20 Hottest Female Sports Reporters

Hottest Female Sports Reporters
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Sports fans disagree on almost everything, but one thing we can all agree on is that the recent explosion of hot female sports reporters is a good thing.

The sports world has always been the ultimate boy's club, especially when it came to sports reporters and the sports media in general. But lately, there's been more and more hot, talented women on our television screens. They bring a combination of brains and beauty, and I for one don’t mind a bit.

After all, there's only so much one can watch former athletes and other guys talk to us about sports. If I'm gonna watch my favorite sports program, it only makes sense that I get to watch a pretty girl give me the news and insights I'm looking for.

They also bring a new take on the sports scene. They have a different perspective than the steady stream of talking heads we're used to. Their fun, upbeat way of bringing us what we're looking for has only added to the enjoyment of following sports.

Women have been carving out a larger place for themselves in sports for years, and the media is one frontier that they've broken down the barrier at and proved they are just as good, if not better in some cases, than the men.

All the big names in the sports media have made it a point to be sure that they have their fair share of hot female sports reporters, and now even the small, local broadcasts have gotten into the act. And for that, we're all winners.

These are the top 20 hottest female sport reporters on our TVs.


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20. Jamie Erdahl

Jamie Erdahl
Jamie Erdahl's Twitter Page

Jamie Erdahl, who joins an ever-increasing list of hot Boston sports reporters, works for NESN. She pulls double duty anchoring the morning news show "NESN Daily" and getting spot starts as Jenny Dell's replacement as the sideline reporter for the Boston Red Sox.

Erdahl, who hosted "Eye on the Eagles", a recap show for the men's basketball team while attending American University, also spent time covering Minnesota Lynx games for Fox Sports North.

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19. Samantha Steele Ponder

Samantha Steele Ponder
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Samantha Ponder, formerly Samantha Steele, reminds us all why it's good to be an NFL quarterback, even a barely average one.

Ponder met her future husband, Minnesota Vikings quarterback Christian Ponder, while working for ESPN's College Gameday when Ponder was the starting quarterback for Florida State.

Now she delights fans as a sideline reporter for college football and basketball telecasts on the worldwide leader.

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18. Melissa Stark

Melissa Stark
John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Melissa Stark has been gracing our TV screens for years now, spending time with ESPN, NBC and now with the NFL network.

Her brand of smart talk matches quite well with her beauty.

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17. Lindsay Zcarniak

Lindsay Zcarniak
Lindsay Zcarniak's Twitter Page

A Sportscenter anchor for a couple of years now, Lindsay Czarniak is quickly becoming a mainstay on the hot sports reporter scene.

Before her time with ESPN, Czarniak worked as a reporter for the NBC affiliate in Washington, DC.

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16. Melanie Collins

Melanie Collins
Melanie Collins' Facebook Page

Melanie Collins, a talented young reporter on the rise, has been turning heads all across the sports world since she came on the scene in 2008.

Currently working for Yahoo! Sports, Collins has also been seen on ESPN, the NBA Network and the Big Ten Network.

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15. Sara Walsh

Sara Walsh
Sara Walsh's Twitter Page

SportsCenter anchors have a distinct advantage when it comes to making this list. I don't know about you, but I spend an irrational amount of time watching the ESPN flagship show.

When a pretty girl like Sara Walsh talks to me about sports for hours at a time, I'm powerless to her charms.

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14. Sarah Spain

Sarah Spain
Sarah Spain's Twitter Page

When it rains it pours, and the hotness of Sarah Spain comes down in buckets.

Currently working as a reporter for ESPN Chicago, we can all agree to forgive her for pictures that involve Joakim Noah.

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13. Charissa Thompson

Charissa Thompson
Charissa Thompson's Facebook Page

Charissa Thompson is best known as the pretty blonde who took over for Michelle Beadle on SportsNation.

But in the time since taking over the reins, she's made a name for herself. Her chemistry with Marcellus Wiley has revived a show that should have been dead in the water with the loss of Beadle and Colin Cowherd.

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12. Lauren Gardner

Lauren Gardner
Lauren Gardner's Twitter Page

So I might as well admit it, I've got a thing for redheads. I know I'm not the only one out there, especially not with Lauren Gardner making the list.

Gardner, a captivating redhead, currently works for CBS Sports and has spent time with Fox Sports.

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11. Erin Sharoni

Erin Sharoni
Erin Sharoni's Facebook Page

Erin Sharoni, a former model and sometimes actress, co-hosts both "Romeing the World" with Jim Rome on Showtime and "CNBC Sports Biz: Game On" on the NBC Sports Network.

A spunky brunette, Sharoni is quickly making a name for herself as a hot sports reporter.

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10. Michelle Beadle

Michelle Beadle
Michelle Beadle's Twitter Page

Michelle Beadle came on the scene with a bang in 2009 when she and Colin Cowherd made SportsNation a runaway hit.

Her zany, approachable attitude makes her the kind of girl that guys want to date and other girls want to hang out with.

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9. Rachel Nichols

Rachel Nichols
Rachel Nichols' Twitter Page

Rachel Nichols has been talking to us about sports on TV for a while now.

She perfectly balances her style and her looks with being a true journalist. Known as much for her hard-hitting interviews as she is for her fun and flirty SportsCenter appearances, Nichols is the whole package.

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8. Kristen Ledlow

Kristen Ledlow
Kristen Ledlow's Facebook Page

Kristen Ledlow is a former pageant contestant who works as a college football sideline reporter for Fox Sports.

Originally from Florida, Ledlow continues to shine in the sunshine state.

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7. Allie LaForce

Allie LaForce
Allie LaForce's Facebook Page

Allie LaForce is a former miss teen USA who currently co-hosts the "Lead Off" on CBS Sports Network with ex-ESPN college basketball analyst Doug Gotlieb.

LaForce is one of the hottest young sports reporters around right now, and has a bright future ahead of her.

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6. Molly Qerim

Molly Qerim
Molly Qerim's Facebook Page

Molly Qerim has been a news anchor for the NFL Network since 2012. Before that she worked at ESPN, and even won an emmy for her contributions to the show Fantasy Football Now.

She's also been a mainstay on the MMA scene ever since the sport came into the public conscious and began co-hosting the world MMA awards in 2011.

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5. Heidi Watney

Heidi Watney
Heidi Watney's Twitter Page

Heidi Watney, the first of the hot sports reporters to get her start on NESN Red Sox games, now works for the MLB Network.

Watney's all-American, girl-next-door type of looks have made her a fan favorite for years now.

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4. Jenn Sterger

Jenn Sterger
Jenn Sterger's Facebook Page

Jenn Sterger, probably most famous for her cell phone escapades with Brett Favre, is one of the hottest TV sports personality going.

Her sultry looks make any sports fan glad they turned on the TV, or even their cell phones.

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3. Erin Andrews

Erin Andrews
Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

Erin Andrews was the standard bearer for hot sports reporters for a long time. She spent time as a sideline reporter for college football and basketball at ESPN and now works for Fox Sports covering college football.

The classy way she dealt with the hotel room video scandal has solidified her spot in the hot woman hall of fame.

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2. Jenn Brown

Jenn Brown
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

There must be something in the water down there in Florida.

Jenn Brown, an ESPN veteran who worked on shows like College Gameday, is a native of the sunshine state. Her good looks and camera presence have made her a quick fan favorite.

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1. Ines Sainz

Ines Sainz
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

A reporter for the Spanish language channel Azteca Deportes, Ines Sainz is the hottest women in all of sports.

Sainz and her husband (yeah, sorry guys) currently live in Mexico where she owns the production company that created her current show DxTips, a Spanish language interview show.