New Jersey Governor Chris Christie Admits He's a Dallas Cowboys Fan

By Dan Parzych
Chris Christie
(The Star Ledger/USA Today Sports)

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has become quite the popular one in this country over the last couple of months for all of the work he did to help the east coast bounce back from the devastation that took place during Superstorm Sandy. However, here’s a fun fact you may not have known about Christie–he happens to be a Dallas Cowboys fan.

Christie recently answered questions for students during a visit to Samsel Upper Elementary School in Parlin, New Jersey and was asked by one student about his favorite sports teams. As expected from someone who was the New Jersey Governor, Christie listed the New York Knicks and New York Mets as two of his favorite teams, but the Cowboys answer for his favorite football team came out of nowhere and certainly surprised the crowd.

Turns out, Christie was a big fan of Roger Staubach growing up and since the New York teams weren’t giving him much to cheer about–he decided to go with Dallas as his favorite team.

Obviously, the Cowboys would be the last team anyone would have expected Christie to say when asked his question–especially with all of the success surrounding the New York Giants over the last couple of years. Whether or not Christie will have anything to cheer about this upcoming football season is a different story as expectations will be high for Dallas once again heading into 2013 season as they look to end up making the playoffs instead of falling just short like the last two years.

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