One Mystery NFL Team Offered David Beckham a Kicking Tryout

By Dan Parzych
David Beckham
(Steve Mitchell/USA Today Sports)

Over the years, the NFL has seen plenty of athletes who played different sports take on football–especially when it comes to soccer players giving it a shot at kicker. While one of the most famous soccer players–or football as it’s also known–of all time has been enjoying the retired life, it appears one NFL team recently expressed interest in bringing David Beckham out for a tryout as a kicker.

Apparently, one NFL scout contacted Beckham to offer him a tryout, but which team it was remains unknown at this point. Obviously, it would be interesting to see a former player like Beckham have a shot in the NFL and if anyone would be capable of pulling it off–Beckham would seem to be a likely candidate with his set of soccer skills.

Still, when taking into consideration that Beckham is 38 and recently retired–it seems highly unlikely that he would be willing to take on a completely different sport he’s not used to playing. If this happened a couple of years ago, it wouldn’t have seemed like such a crazy idea. There’s no question Beckham certainly has enough power in his foot to potentially be a successful football kicker, but it wouldn’t be a surprise if this move never happened.

In the end, the only thing that really matters with this story is who the mystery team is that reached out to Beckham and offered him a tryout since sports fans are dying to know.

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