Amateur Goalkeeper Plays Entire Match with 9mm Bullet Stuck in Head

By Phil Naegely
Richard Mackson – USA Today Sports

Soccer players have played under adversity and in tough conditions before, but a goalkeeper did something no one has ever done. 51-year-old goalkeeper Dusko Krtalica played an entire Bosnian amateur soccer game with a 9 mm bullet lodged in his head.

Through most of the match, Krtalica complained of having a headache and his body began to go numb after the game. After being rushed to a local hospital, a bullet was found lodged in his temple. Luckily for the goalkeeper, it was removed and he is now in stable condition.

After a police investigation was completed, it was determined that gunfire erupted at a nearby wedding and one of the bullets found Krtalica’s head. He could have easily fell over and died right on the pitch. It would have provided for an eerie sports scene, but luckily he is still alive.

My question is how do you not feel a bullet go through your head? I understand that the bullet is only a 9mm, but I think you would still feel something unfamiliar happening.

Hopefully Krtalica and the rest of his team will never have to go through any similar situations again. One thing is for sure after hearing this — Krtalica is one tough soccer player if he only thought it was a headache. I am just surprised the numbness didn’t take over sooner and that there was no blood where the bullet entered.

Nontheless, this is strange news and I am glad Krtalica is alive to tell this story to his kids and family.

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