Austin NBC Affiliate KXAN Ruins Stanley Cup Game 4 Ending

By Kris Hughes
Bob DeChiara-USA Today Sports

For viewers in Austin, Texas the ending of the outstanding Stanley Cup Game 4 matchup between the Boston Bruins and the Chicago Blackhawks was ruined. Let’s call it KXAN’s “Heidi Game”.


On November 17, 1968 the New York Jets and Oakland Raiders were locked up in a classic battle on national television, coincidentally, on NBC. The Jets took a 32-29 lead on the Raiders then kicked off. Oakland returned the kickoff to the 23-yard line, then this happened:

The nation missed the ending, which culminated with an amazing Jets comeback victory which no one saw.

As Game 4 wrapped up tonight here on television sets in Austin, Brent Seabrook’s game-winning goal was pre-empted by KXAN  in their own “Heidi” moment for a promotional commercial for the station and a few ads from local businesses. What’s even more ironic, is the station running a story about how “Hungry for Hockey” the Austin-area is.

I mean you can’t write this stuff, but I am anyway.

The epic failure looked like this:

The least you could have done, KXAN, was acknowledge your mistake at the outset of your news broadcast, instead of 20 minutes in after a hockey story.

Sure, I’ll admit, hockey isn’t as big here in the Lone Star State as other sports, but with the growing diversity of a growing city you’d probably be amazed of the number of television sets that were glued to the game just like I was.

In short, it was a pathetic blunder at the most crucial of times. Just another piece of broadcasting failure.

Why should I be surprised anymore?

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