New York Jets Players Take to Twitter During Game 6 of NBA Finals

By alfredepps
New York Jets Players
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If you are a sports fanatic, it was your duty to be tuned in last night to watch Game 6 of the NBA Finals. You wanted to know if the San Antonio Spurs could actually defeat the Miami Heat, who were favored to win the NBA championship. Apparently, the New York Jets players were all tuned in last night as well. Let’s take a look back at their tweets.

We start with defensive end Quinton Coples, everyone knows the pregame show for an NBA game, you get an inside look on which of basketball stars are coming in and what they are wearing. According to Coples’ Twitter account, ” Tim Duncan will be in the hall of fame but as a dresser he will be in the Hall of Shame….I’m sorry that game outfit was bad #NBAFinals.” We all know Duncan has no fashion sense, but we all know he will be a first ballot hall of famer. Ignore the clothes folks.

Since rapper J. Cole released his new album, “Born Sinner,” Jets’ player Josh Bush has been raving about it. He has been praising the album so much that he wasn’t able to even watch Game 6. According to Bush’s Twitter account, “Everybody watching the game…but I just restarted that @JColeNC.” I heard the album, Bush, it is pretty good and this album “Born Sinner” will make this rapper climb up on the best rappers out right now.

Coples was so in tuned with this game he summoned his inner Tech N9ne. “Leonard put mike miller body bag in a body bag…(tech 9 voice) top ten dunk” via his Twitter account. This tweet came after one of the Spurs’ players, Kawhi Leonard, threw down a dunk on Heat player Mike Miller, which led to more momentum for the Spurs and their lead.

Muhammad Wilkerson joined in on the fun and had a joke when he started watching, “Lol diaw jus took lebron to the rack.” Wilkerson saw the play when Spurs’ Boris Diaw drove to the lane over Lebron James. We all know Diaw should not be able to drive over James.

The jokes kept pouring in when Bush went on to say, “I bet Tim Duncan has saved over $20,000 in his lifetime by cutting his own hair…” Bush, that is why we call him “The Big Fundamental,” we just don’t say it. He lives, breathes and cuts his own hair in that nickname.

Jets’ linebacker Nick Bellmore chimed in as well and came up with where fans are traveling to, “A Miami bandwagon is traveling west at 35mph, a San Antonio bandwagon is traveling eastbound at 55mph, at 450mi away, when will they meet?” I like what you did there Bellmore. All these bandwagon fans last night were probably jumping teams all series as the lead kept on changing.

Jets’ rookie cornerback Dee Milliner even chimed in, “Damn Lebron gotta go back to his Cleveland days & dunk on ppl when he take off like that.”  You are right Milliner, but you gotta earn your stripes in the NFL before you can take shots at James. Better luck next year.

Damon Harrison must have been reading the bible when he was watching the game, “God is with these Miami Heat lol…ain’t no other way to explain what just happened.” Harrison was in shock just like I was shocked watching the game. I still can’t believe it.

Tight End Jeff Cumberland was craving for some chicken wings during the game, “Somebody pressed the Buffalo Wild Wings button! #NBAfinals #OT.” Nobody was expecting overtime in this game and we got more free basketball. Trust me, I was on the edge of my seat.

Coples summed it up with his last NBA Final game 6 tweet of the night with, “Well the heat did that….” He was sure right with the Heat beating the Spurs in overtime, 103-100.

I was truly shocked with this win by the Heat. James went into Supersaiyan (if you don’t know this cartoon, you are not my friend) mode to get this win in the fourth quarter and overtime after he lost his headband. Thank you Jets’ players for your time during this NBA Finals game 6 via twitter; you kept it quite entertaining.

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