2013 Stanley Cup Finals: Chicago Blackhawks' Andrew Shaw Takes Puck to the Face in Game 6

By Dan Parzych
Andrew Shaw
(Greg M. Cooper/USA Today Sports)

It’s no secret how tough of an athlete you need to be when it comes to playing hockey considering how dangerous of a game it can be at times–especially when it comes to taking a puck to the face. Unfortunately for Andrew Shaw of the Chicago Blackhawks, that was exactly what happened during Game 6 of the 2013 Stanley Cup Finals on Monday night, but it wasn’t anything a few stitches couldn’t fix up.

Shaw took a nasty shot to the face off of a deflected shot by Shawn Thornton of the Boston Bruins in the first period of Monday’s game and fell immediately to the ice as there was blood all over his face and jersey. As nasty of a shot as this was, Shaw didn’t let the injury slow him down as he quickly received stitches and was back on the ice in no time–proving once again why hockey players are some of the toughest individuals out there.

Obviously, this is the type of injury that could have been must worse for Shaw considering how fast these shots can be–so he should consider himself lucky. Then again, even if the injury was worse, it’s safe to say Shaw would have done whatever it takes to return to the game anyway since the Blackhawks need just one more win to take home the Stanley Cup.

In other words–Shaw wants to make sure Chicago  takes home the win tonight instead of having to worry about playing in a Game 7 on Wednesday.

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