LeBron James Almost Hits Overpasses During Miami Heat Championship Parade

By Jeric Griffin

Whoever was in charge of the players’ placement in the Miami Heat‘s NBA Championship parade should be fired if he or she hasn’t been already. As you’ll see in the video above, LeBron James and his Heat teammates were almost plastered by two overpasses because their double-decker bus was too tall to have men well above six feet tall standing on top of it.

What if LeBron, Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh and/or another member of the Heat’s back-to-back title-winning team had been seriously hurt or even killed by decapitation during the parade? The internet would melt with those headlines, especially if they involved James. Well, James’ name would be mentioned, regardless of whether he was actually involved, but that’s another Rant.

Seriously, though: who puts LeBron in harm’s way four days after his team wins a consecutive championship? The man is the best player on the planet and the main reason why Miami is on top of the world right now. Him being on top of the bus might be a metaphor, but him being squished between the bus and the concrete wouldn’t end well for anyone in South Beach.

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