Ranking the Hottest Big Ten Schools

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Big Ten: Ranking the Hottest Schools

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Not everyone in the Midwest chooses their school for all the right reasons. Sure, parents would like to think a prospective student is doing their homework on which programs will give them the best advantages and set them up for success in life, but unfortunately for them, that’s not always the top priority for someone looking to join a school in the Big Ten Conference.

If you’re feeling a little lost and need some advice on which Big Ten University might provide you the greatest opportunities (and if your priorities are a little messed up) let this list be your guide as to which ones have the sexiest ladies.

Here is a list of the hottest Big Ten Schools, from top to bottom. If your school should find its name near the bottom of the list, don’t take it too harshly as all of these schools have a lot to offer. Unfortunately, with a list like this, there can be no ties.

There are a few dark horses who are sure to surprise, but make sure to approach it with an open mind. Sometimes something is right in front of you and you don’t see it until it hits you in the face.

Feel like your school may have snubbed? Let us know by tweeting with the hash tag #RML and give us a piece of your mind. All criticisms and/or compliments are encouraged. If you are still reading the text to this article at this point, you may want to start reconsidering your own priorities, but we appreciate your attention to detail. It will get you far in life.

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12. Northwestern University

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Northwestern University has the smallest enrollment of all the Big Ten schools, so there simply isn't a lot to choose from. If your top priority is getting a solid education, which it absolutely should be when considering which school to go to, this is the place for you.

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11. Ohio State University

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The Buckeyes have the largest enrollment in the Big Ten but as the old saying goes, quality over quantity. You might think there is strength in numbers, but Ohio State University is inundated with bros and ladies who are perfect ... for each other.

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10. Purdue University

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Purdue University has a poor male-to-female ratio, but a great engineering program! The also have a large nursing program, so at least a lot of their ladies are on the nurturing side of things.

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9. University of Minnesota

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"Flooded with honeys" might not be your first thought when you think about the University of Minnesota, but a trip to Twin Cities might have you thinking otherwise.

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8. University of Illinois

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The Fighting Illini female demographic is fierce and diverse, which gives everyone a chance to find what they are looking for in a prospective mate.

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7. Penn State University

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Penn State University has a lot of Caucasian brunettes. Not sure why, but it's true. If that's your thing, it's the place for you.

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6. Indiana University

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The word "Hoosier" doesn't necessarily sound all that sexy, but don't let it fool you. Indiana University is full of hotties.

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5. University of Nebraska

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Nebraska is the newest member of the Big Ten, and posted an impressive showing in the top half of the pack after just a few years in the conference.

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4. University of Michigan

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The ladies at the University of Michigan are about as well-rounded as it gets. Think of them as renaissance ladies, well-versed in the finer things in life.

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3. University of Wisconsin

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Madison is the hottest city in Wisconsin, and being on a lake, the weather is pretty nice too.

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2. Michigan State University

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You might guess that a school known for its partying would have some fine ladies to go along with it. Michigan State University has them in spades.

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1. University of Iowa

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Ask anyone who has been to the University of Iowa, and they will assure you the rate of Hawkeye hotties is through the roof, which is why they've earned the title as the hottest school in the Big Ten. Don't let the thought of cornfields and farmhouses fool you, these ladies have got it going on.