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10 NHL Players Who Could Excel in the Octagon

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From NHL to MMA

Source: Charles LeClaire- USA Today Sports

It doesn’t take a genius to determine that MMA fighting and hockey have some similarities. Clearly, hockey is one of the most aggressive sports out there and players love getting in fights that make the crowd go crazy.

When NHL players throw off the gloves, we know that a good fight is about to happen. Of course, the world of mixed martial arts is also about fighting to beat your opponent as well. So which guys in the NHL could also succeed in the ring?

The NHL players that would be successful in the octagon are the ones that aren’t scared to put up a fight. They rarely lose a fight on the ice and would most likely put up a good fight in the ring. I would actually predict that they could win an MMA fight pretty easily. If they are able to be so aggressive on the ice, imagine how aggressive they could be on a flat surface.

Some NHL players are scrappy and they are the ones that initiate the fight to begin with. It’s hard to imagine how hard they can throw a punch if they would be in the mindset of an MMA fighter. Therefore, this list consists of the scrappiest fighters in the NHL, the ones that aren’t scared to face anyone.

Whether big or small, these guys would put up a strong fight if they were to have the opportunity to enter the octagon. Can you predict the biggest fighters in the NHL? Take a look and enjoy!

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John Scott

Source: Timothy Ludwig- USA Today Sports

Scott is known for his flawless record of winning NHL fights. He is one of the most feared fighters in the league. He doesn't necessarily fight often but when he does, he dishes out a mean punch or a nice hip check.

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Steve MacIntyre

Source: Steve Mitchell- USA Today Sports

When MacIntyre gets in a fight, you can expect a powerful punch. He'd definitely be able to put up a good fight in the ring and his odds of winning would be highly likely.

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Shawn Thorton

Source: Michael Ivins- USA Today Sports

Thorton is another one that is a little bit older but definitely knows how to put on a good fight. He has surprisingly spent a very small amount of time in the penalty box this season compared to the last few years.

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Eric Boulton

Source: Anthony Gruppuso- USA Today Sports

Boulton is known for throwing out a good punch every now and then. He even had a one-punch knockout back in 2011 against Douglas Murray; this makes the perfect power for an MMA fighter.

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Colton Orr

Source: Greg M. Cooper- USA Today Sports

Orr doesn't take it easy when it comes to fights. His scrappy attitude left him in the penalty box for 155 minutes this season and up to 279 minutes in past seasons. He's even been suspended for pushing a ref in the past.

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Raffi Torres

Source: Bruce Fedyck- USA Today Sports

Considering Torres is currently serving a 21 game suspension, I'd say it's safe to say that he can clearly fight. He may not be put in the penalty box very often but you know he's put up a good fight when he does. Surprisingly, he only put up four minutes in the box this season, then again, it was a shortened season and he was suspended for the last 13 games.

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Brandon Prust

Source: Tom Szcerbowski- USA Today Sports

Prust would be a perfect MMA fighter. He's not scared to fight anyone and has taken out some of the heavyweight NHL players He put up 10 good fights this season and is still young so he could definitely succeed in the octagon.

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Brian McGrattan

Source: Anne-Marie Sorvin- USA Today Sports

This is another guy that you don't want to mess with on the ice. He's quite unpredictable so you can really never trust him as he will drop the gloves at any given moment.

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Ryan Reaves

Source: Jerome Miron

For the exception of one draw, Reaves won all six fights that he was involved in this season. A total of seven fights may not sound like a lot but with a shortened season, everyone's fight card was considerably shorter than a full-length season. When Reaves drops the gloves, the crowd goes wild because they know that they are in for a competitive fight on the ice.

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George Parros

Source: James Guillory- USA Today Sports

Parros is one of the most renowned fighters in the history of the NHL. He may be a little on the old side but he'd still put up a good fight in the ring. Besides his infamous mustache, he is most well-known for his time spent in the penalty box.