Hot Female Tennis Player Bethanie Mattek-Sands Preps for Wimbledon With Google Glass

By RanterX

In case you haven’t heard, Google Glass is a pretty cool thing that is apparently changing the lives of not only tech geeks everywhere, but professional athletes, too, including attractive ones. Pro tennis player Bethanie Mattek-Sands prepared for Wimbledon with Glass and documented her experience in the video above.

Forgive me, but I didn’t know Bethanie existed until now, so thank goodness for Google Glass! Mattek-Sands is 28 years old and jokes in the video that she’s 92 in tennis years, but she looks perfectly fine to us in the video.

Is it just me or does the video make it seem like Bethanie would be awesome to hang out with, despite her good looks? She’s a jokester, she’s funny in general and it appears she likes to have fun. Add on the fact she’s got a rockin’ body and she sounds like the perfect date, right?

Pretty much the only thing I didn’t like in the video was that awful green thing she was drinking out the blender. As long as she doesn’t make me drink that, I’m all in.

Unfortunately, Bethanie has already been ousted at Wimbledon by Angelique Kerber in the Ladies’ Singles Draw, so we won’t get to see any more of her at the tournament, unless of course she’s nice enough to grace us with her hot presence. Keep your fingers crossed, fellas.

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