Scottie Pippen Allegedly The Victim Not Aggressor in Scuffle with Autograph-Seeker

By Phil Naegely
Scottie Pippen
Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

Over the weekend, news broke that Scottie Pippen and a fan were involved in an argument that left the fan with a head injury. Early reports said Pippen caused the altercation, but today a source told the Associated Press that the fight was started by the fan who allegedly spit on Pippen’s face and called him offensive racial slurs. Furthermore, according to the same source, Pippen was holding onto his four-year old daughter when the incident occurred.

Right now this incident is being investigated, but the latest news takes a turn. Pippen is also considering filing a counterclaim against the fan for assault and making a false police report. Whether or not Pippen provoked the fan or vice versa, the investigation and interviews of witnesses is just starting. It could be weeks or months before we know an outcome, but in the end we will find out who provoked who.

However, with more witnesses stepping forward saying the fan seeking an autograph was drunk and sources speaking out, it seems more and more that Pippen is innocent and didn’t start the fight. Why would he in the first place? Secondly, I doubt he would start anything especially with his young daughter in his hands.

If the racial slurs allegations are indeed true, I can’t really blame Pippen for getting mad. At the same time, why would the man use racial slurs? The only two explanations I can see are he was either heavily intoxicated or he is a racist.

Either way, it seems like Pippen was the victim and not the suspect in this case. Stay tuned to RantSports as more information becomes available.

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