Terrell Owens Fails Miserably at Giving the Weather Forecast in Southern California

By Dan Parzych
Terrell Owens
(Jayne Kamin-Oncea)

Terrell Owens has apparently spent plenty of time in Southern California this offseason as he continues to work hard with the hope he’ll receive at least one more shot in the NFL by signing with a team before the 2013 season. Unfortunately for Owens, the 2013 season doesn’t look promising either as he’s failed to draw interest from any teams, but that doesn’t mean the wideout can’t pursue other careers–such as giving the local weather.

Owens was recently a guest on a local news station in Southern California in which he gave the weather forecast on Friday night and based off the few minutes he was on the air–let’s just say be glad this wasn’t his first choice when it comes to a career path. While nobody should have expected Owens to standout as much as the actual weatherman, it would have been nice to at least see him point closer to the cities he was pointing at during the segment.

For starters, Owens was nowhere close to San Francisco on the map when giving the forecast and seemed like he had zero interest even being part of the segment in the first place. This may have been all in good fun, but this is just another example of the amount of free time Owens has and how desperate he is to land a job considering he made a joke about needing a job–whether it be in the NFL or a local news station.

For the sake of fan viewership, let’s hope Owens sticks to football for now and never considers a gig that involves himself being featured on television.

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