Boston Bruins Season Ticket Holder Received Quite the Gift From the Organization

By Paul Seaver
Greg M. Cooper-USA Today Sports

The NHL season is over and the Boston Bruins are not world champions.

The Chicago Blackhawks stole Game 6 in stunning fashion to win their second Stanley Cup in four years, leaving the city of Boston to cope with a heartbreaking moment in the team’s history.

Despite the tough defeat, there is one story that is circulating around the Bruins that has a more light-hearted side to it. According to the Boston Globe, Marge Bishop, a life long fan of the team and organization is a well known figure at TD Garden. She knows the employees and the Zamboni operators, simply because she’s been a season ticket holder since the 1960s.

However, after ticket prices skyrocketed back in 2004, Bishop decide that her and her husband could not afford them no longer. That’s when the Bruins stepped in to help a loyal fan out, giving her free season tickets.

Talk about quite the deal. Talk about years and years of loyalty paying off. Bishop and her husband have obviously been through decades of history with the Bruins from a fan’s perspective, so this is certainly a nice story to hear. Bishop is now 77 years old — she’s what you’d call a lifer from a fan’s point of view on things.

Props to the Bruins for reaching out and lending a hand to one of their biggest fans in organizational history. Her money and season tickets that have spanned for decades didn’t go unnoticed when she was unfortunately unable to keep up with the inflation and soaring prices.

The Bruins are winners in relation to this story.


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