SEC: Ranking the Hottest Schools

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SEC: Ranking the Hottest Schools

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The Southeastern Conference is known for success in college football, but that is not the only thing that’s hot in the south right now.

The schools of the SEC have some of the most beautiful girls in the world. Whether it’s the southern accents or their charm, they have got it going on. If you have yet to go to a sporting event at any of these schools, it high time you find time to do so.

You will find yourself in the midst of amazing tail-gating parties, intense atmospheres and beautiful women. It doesn’t really matter where you go. If you’re at an SEC school, you are bound to have a good time.

These schools love to duke it out over who is better at football, food and women. They take pride in their ability to churn them out with the best of them, and for good reason. There are a few dark horses who are sure to surprise, but make sure to approach it with an open mind. Sometimes something is right in front of you and you don’t see it until it hits you in the face.

Feel like your school may have snubbed? Let us know by tweeting with the hash tag #RML and give us a piece of your mind. All criticisms and/or compliments are encouraged. If you are still reading the text to this article at this point, you may want to start reconsidering your own priorities, but we appreciate your attention to detail. It will get you far in life.

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14. University of Missouri

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You didn't really think Mizzou would just jump into the SEC and start making noise off the bat did you? The Tigers may be a part of the best football conference in America, but they have a long way to go if they want to make it up this list.

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13. Auburn University

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The Auburn Tigers have had a couple of rough years on the football field recently, but luckily they make up for it by putting sexy fans in the stands.

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12. Mississippi State University

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It's tough for any school to do well on a list like this when the guys outnumber the gals. The Bulldogs have a lot going well for them, but this list has too many other good options to give them a high ranking.

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11. University of Tennessee

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There are all different kinds of gals at Tennessee, from the partying types to fitness freaks and country girls. Too many options is never a bad thing.

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10. University of Kentucky

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The Wildcats may not have the same type of representation at football games as the rest of the schools in the conference, but they've got the hottest basketball crowd by a long shot.

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9. University of Alabama

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You can't have it all. The Crimson Tide are about as dominant as it gets on the field, but they look up to most of the competition in this category.

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8. University of Arkansas

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Razorback ladies love to get all gussied up when the Hogs play in Fayetteville. They usually have about a 50-50 split on guy-to-girl ratio, so you're usually working with decent odds.

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7. University of Florida

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The Gators have a faithful following for sure, and a fine one at that. The only knock on this female population is a lack of variety, but the quantity is absolutely there.

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6. University of South Carolina

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South Carolina has it's own southern drawl that is not quite over the top on the "southern." They seem to try a little less hard than many of the other schools on this list and have more natural beauties.

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5. Vanderbilt University

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The ladies at Vanderbilt are incredible. There isn't nearly as much variety as some of the other competition, but the consistency is kind of ridiculous.

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4. Louisiana State University

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Perhaps it has something to do with having beer goggles on, but the Tigers have fine ladies who know how to party flowing out of the cracks.

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3. Texas A&M University

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The Aggies have cuties all over the place. As the only representative from Texas, they bring their own flair to the SEC that no other school in the conference can match.

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2. University of Mississippi

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The Rebel females are too hot for their own good. It must be a part of the application process.

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1. University of Georgia

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The Bulldog ladies are the perfect mix of southern, bold and beautiful. These gals have attitude to go along with their stunning good looks which is why they've earned the title of hottest school in the SEC.

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Now just enjoy 14 more reasons (in pictures) why SEC schools are some of the hottest in the country.

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Mississippi State

miss st
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Ole Miss

ole miss
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Texas A&M

texas a&m
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South Carolina

south carolina
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