Top 15 Comedic Sports Movies of All Time

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Best Sports Comedies


In my opinion, the two best movie genres are comedies and sports films. When you put those two together, you can get quite the crazy story plot if you have some good actors. For instance, take a look at Adam Sandler and Will Ferrell; people either love them or hate them. But when these two starred in sports films, everybody loved them.

Don’t worry, I didn’t include the cheesy films like Mr.3000 or Bring it On. However when you take a look at the best sports comedies, you begin to realize that there isn’t one sport that dominates the movie world. Some of them are sports that aren’t popular by any means, but the films are still hilarious.

Even though you may not watch the older sports comedies on a weekly basis, they are ones that you will always love. They are the type of movies that occasionally show up on TV and then you just can’t seem to turn them off. I’d have to admit, the older sports films are definitely better than ones that have come out recently.

It seems like movies just keep getting cheesier and cheesier these days so the classics are ones that we all love to watch. Comedies are definitely underrated when it comes to sports films. So take a look and see if you agree that all of these films give you a good laugh, enjoy!

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15. The Mighty Ducks

15. The Mighty Ducks

When a lawyer is sentenced to community service, he is forced to teach a youth hockey team that is the worst in the league. He doesn't exactly like the situation at first but eventually the kids gain his respect and he teaches the kids the game of hockey. They gain a sponsor in the process and make it to the finals when they play the coach's ex-team.

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14. White Men Can't Jump

14. White Men Can't Jump

This 1992 classic features two streetballers that think they are the best players in Los Angeles. One is white and one is black so they join forces, hoping to increase their chance of winning in the inner city. However, when the two join together they begin to hustle the other teams in town. They are both in it for the money but eventually begin to battle heads which causes drama within their own families.

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13. Bad News Bears


There are two versions of this film now but the old one is definitely a classic 70's comedy. The newer one is also quite hilarious considering Billy Bob Thorton plays the major role of little league coach Morris Buttermaker. Buttermaker is a former little league player that turned into an alcoholic that is recruited to become a little league coach. However, they assign Buttermaker to the most un-athletic kids in the league. His team consists of an overweight kid, a trouble maker and even some mexican immigrants. He decides to recruit some kids with more athletic ability and hopes to turn the team around before the playoffs begin.

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12. The Longest Yard


Adam Sandler stars as Paul "Wrecking" Crewe, a former football superstar that ends up in jail due to a drunk driving accident. While in jail, one of the wardens discovers Crewe's talent and assigns him the task of putting together a football team full of convicts to play against the guards.

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11. Semi-Pro

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Will Ferrell stars as an owner/coach/player Jackie Moon for the Flint Michigan Tropics basketball team in the ABA division. When they announce that the ABA and NBA are going to combine, the Tropics are in risk of becoming non-existant due to their last-place standing in the ABA. Moon recruits a former NBA benchwarmer in exchange for a washing machine to help out his team, among many other bizarre promotional events to encourage his crappy team to become better than ever.

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10. Kingpin


Bowling may not be the most popular sport but this was actually an underrated sports film even though it is a slapstick comedy. A bowling prodigy wins the Iowa State amateur championship and then heads to the Professional Bowlers Tour. He then begins to team up with another bowler and the two start to hustle others on the tour. Something goes terribly wrong and one bowler ends up with a prosthetic hand. He then turns into a salesman until he meets an Amish man and coaches him on how to bowl.

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9. The Sandlot


I think that everyone who sees this film falls in love with it. When Scotty Smalls moves to a new neighborhood he hopes that he can learn how to play baseball and Benny Rodriguez teaches him how to play the game. The two end up becoming good friends and play in the Sandlot crew with other kids. During the summer, the boys enjoy drooling over the pool lifeguard and having sleepovers in a tree house besides their typical baseball game. It's a good comedy, and actually a somewhat realistic view of how young boys team-up to start a good, old-fashioned baseball game.

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8. The Waterboy


Adam Sandler's older films are by far the funniest and The Waterboy was no exception. He plays a "loser" that becomes a waterboy for a college football team. However the coach soon realizes that he has more physical ability than expected and he can hit a mean tackle. He becomes part of the team but has to hide it from his overprotective mother. Unexpectedly, he becomes the best linebacker in college football. It may not be the most realistic film but it is definitely hilarious.

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7. Blades of Glory


Two Olympic ice skaters are stripped of their Olympic medals and hope to make the Olympics once again, except there is a catch... They enter as "couple" rather than singles. Needless to say, two men performing on ice is bound to be hilarious, especially when Will Ferrell and Jon Heder are the stars of the movie.

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6. Talladega Nights

ricky bobby

Will Ferrell plays #1 NASCAR driver, Ricky Bobby in this comedic film. Him and his neighborhood friend refer to themselves as "Shake and Bake" due to their ability to finish first and second in many races. The two are asked by a fellow competitor to fight for the top position in NASCAR and must part ways in order to gain the respect from other drivers.

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5. Dodgeball


Dodgeball is the story of an underdog team that enters a dodgeball tournament in Las Vegas in order to raise money. The team's local gym is in risk of becoming a health fitness chain and they need the money to keep it open. Vince Vaughn and Ben Stiller star in the comedic film.

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4. Slap Shot


A not-so-good hockey team decides that fighting and violence is the only way to have success. The worse the fight, the more the team's owner pays them. When the owner finds out that the team is about to fold, he comes up with a clever way to keep the players involved in the game.

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3. Major League


When an exotic dancer marries the owner of a baseball club, the situation gets a little bit crazy as she begins to take control. She wants to move the club to a warmer climate and decides to make the team as bad as they can possible be. The team is absolutely horrible but when they learn that she has not faith in them, they become determined to become a better team to battle against her.

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2. Happy Gilmore


Happy Gilmore is by far one of the funniest Adam Sandler movies to this day. He's a grandma's boy that is obsessed with hockey but never could make it into a good league. When his grandma is placed into a retirement home he decides that he needs to get money somehow. A golf pro sees him at the range and sees that he can hit the ball farther than most other golfers. It takes a while to convince him, but eventually he agrees to play on the PGA tour. Except when he joins the tour, he doesn't exactly play like a typical golfer considering he uses a hockey stick to putt and a homeless man as his caddy.

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1. Caddyshack


Caddyshack highlights the comical experiences at an exclusive golf club. The club members are high class and the staff are a little less fortunate. The main character is caddying in order to earn money for college at the high-price club. Meanwhile, the greenskeeper runs into some funny issues with gophers on the course. The film features Chevy Chase, Rodney Dangerfield, Ted Knight and Bill Murray so it's bound to give you a good laugh.