Charlotte Bobcats Draft Party Not Too Pleased With Cody Zeller Selection (Video)

By Paul Seaver
Curtis Wilson-USA Today Sports

On Thursday night, the Charlotte Bobcats selected Cody Zeller with the fourth overall pick in the 2013 NBA Draft.

Zeller, who some believed may be a bit undervalued, wasn’t much of a top five projection. In fact, throw in the fact that Nerlens Noel, Alex Len and Ben McLemore were still on the board — well, it’s just a puzzling selection from who else, but Michael Jordan.

The Bobcats, who pretty much need pieces at nearly every position, have continuously had questionable top ten pick after top ten pick, seemingly delaying any sort of rebuilding or competitive potential. Long story short, it’s a bleak outlook for Charlotte and Thursday night didn’t help much.

The Bobcats weren’t sure if they were going to have a shot at Noel or Len or McLemore, or even any one of them for that matter. However, all three of them fell to Charlotte at four and the Bobcats also passed. Ironically enough, Len went fifth, Noel went sixth and then McLemore went seventh after the fact. So, at least Charlotte kind of triggered the domino effect by passing on all three.

As you can imagine, not too many Bobcats’ fans were happy with the team’s selection.

Take a look at the video of the Bobcats’ draft pick in Charlotte:

Well, Zeller is the one heading to Charlotte and it’s probably best to remember that hey, maybe he can amount to something although it’s tough to see at this point. The three aforementioned prospects did have red flags, so maybe it will work out in the long run for Charlotte.

Then again, history does not indicate that it will.


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