Doc Rivers Calls Out Bill Simmons During ESPN's Telecast of 2013 NBA Draft (Video)

By Paul Seaver
Jayne Kamin-Ocnea-USA Today Sports

The 2013 NBA Draft has come to a conclusion on Thursday night and it certainly wasn’t anything short of trades and excitement overall.

In fact, some of the best excitement of the night came from two guys who weren’t even hearing their names called. In an interview during ESPN telecast of the draft, former Boston Celtics and current Los Angeles Clippers head coach Doc Rivers called out Bill Simmons amid some controversial words that were stated.

Simmons claimed that Rivers sold out and quit on the Celtics amid the ongoing trade rumors and the rebuilding process that is fully under way in Boston. When Shelly Smith asked Rivers about Simmons’ comments, Rivers simply fired back in saying, “I’d call him an idiot, but I’m too classy for that.”

Watch the video below:

Simmons believes that Rivers should own up to the fact that he left Boston because they were rebuilding and ironically enough it came on the same night that Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and Jason Terry were all sent to the Brooklyn Nets in a mega deal that officially puts the Celtics in uncertain territory. Boston did gain three first round prospects in the deal, along with players. Boston now holds nine first round picks through the 2018 NBA Draft.

As for Simmons’ comments, well Rivers is right to an extent. Simmons is a Boston diehard, but he takes it too far — to a point where even he can never be wrong. Rivers is heading west, Boston parted with their superstars and the Celtics are into a rebuilding mode — get over it. Danny Ainge has things under control and he will get Boston back to a point of championship contention sooner than later.


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