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10 MLB Players Who Belong in NASCAR

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MLB Players Fit Into NASCAR Qualities

Source: Kelley L. Cox- USA Today Sports

Baseball and racing are possibly the two most boring sports to watch on television. MLB games are slow and drag out for hours, NASCAR races just consist of guys driving around in circles for hours.

When you really begin to think about it, the two sports are more similar than they seem. Both sports tend to attract the rednecks and hillbillies. Guys that grew up in the middle of the country tend to watch, or even participate in one of the two.

The most viewed professional sport is actually the NFL. However, NASCAR and MLB are surprisingly a close tie for second place as there are millions of viewers across the nation.

These two sports tend to attract fans and players that drink a lot of alcohol and chew tobacco; which is also very common among the redneck population. The majority of these guys grew up in small towns or down in the south so they were born in raised with the country culture.

MLB players tend to get into trouble with DUI’s pretty consistently and NASCAR drivers are always speeding; so why not try to combine the two sports? Which MLB players do you think fit the description of a NASCAR driver?

Not all of these guys are country hicks; a few of them have other unique qualities that would fulfill the qualities of a NASCAR driver. Take a look and see if you think these ten baseball players deserve a chance behind the wheel. Enjoy!

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Todd Helton

Source: Ron Chenoy- USA Today Sports

Back in May, Helton was arrested for a DUI while in his pickup truck. Yes, this happens to a lot of professional athletes, however he had two red Solo cups filled with wine at the time of his arrest. Oh, and he was on his way home from buying lottery tickets. For a guy that is still making millions, that's a pretty pathetic DUI.

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Sam Fuld

Source: Kim Klement- USA Today Sportsz

Fuld may or may not be a fast driver. He does, however, go all out on every play, crashes into walls, and does whatever it takes to make the play. He is not the strongest, fastest, or tallest guy, but he always gives 100% which is the perfect NASCAR mentality.

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Jake Peavy

Source: David Banks- USA Today Sports

Considering Peavy has stated "I'm a redneck and I'm not ashamed to admit it," I think that he would fit very well in the NASCAR world. He was raised in a small town in Alabama so it's pretty clear where his hillbilly tendencies come from.

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Mark Buehrle

Source: Jim Cowsert- USA Today Sports

Buehrle is an avid hunter, which automatically makes him look a little bit country. But Buehrle's hunting stories are always overly-extravagent; he's even claimed to have shot a black bear. He also proposed to his wife in a tree stand, not exactly the most romantic location.

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Chipper Jones

Source: Dale Zanine- USA Today Sports

Chipper Jones is the ultimate camo-wearing hunter. He is currently the co-owner and co-host of the television show Major League Bowhunter on The Sportsman Channel. Previously, he was a co-owner of the Buck Commander series. Jones may be a future hall-of-famer but he definitely fits in with the NASCAR fans as well.

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Adam LaRoche

Adam LaRoche
Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

LaRoche is another one of your typical country boys. His main hobbies include fishing and hunting. He is also a co-owner of hunting TV show, Buck Commander on Outdoor Networks television. On top of that, one of the songs that he walks out to the plate to is Hillbilly Bone.

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Luke Scott

Source: Kim Klement- USA Today Sports

Scott might be the biggest redneck in all of baseball. He's simply a trash-talking guy that loves hunting and is a firearms enthusiast.

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Carlos Marmol

Source: Brad Mills- USA Today Sports

Recently released by the Chicago Cubs, Marmol performed like a 20 car pileup this season. And no NASCAR race is complete without a big wreck, which should be Marmol’s new nickname.

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Josh Beckett

Source: Mark J. Rebilas- USA Today Sports

If you love a Texas redneck then Beckett is your man. He currently owns Herradura Ranch in Texas, which consists of over 7000 acres of land. Since he was a young kid, he has participated in deer hunting and competitions. He has also appeared in commercials for the National Rifle Association.

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Jeff Kent

Source: Matt Kartozian- USA Today Sports

This guy recently retired, however he proved he can survive in the outdoor world on the hit show show Survivor. He was also known for driving huge pick-up trucks, clearly a quality of many NASCAR drivers.