Dallas Cowboys Center Phil Costa Engaged to Brooke Hogan

By Jack Jorgensen
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has made it known that, this year, he and his team mean business. Well, okay, maybe his questionable 2013 draft may not have done much to validate that point, but still he’s found other ways to drop the proverbial hammer.

For example, a few months ago, he basically described how he would like his much-embattled QB Tony Romo to magically morph into Peyton Manning. He wants his signal caller to cut his off the field shenanigans and focus 100 percent on the task at hand for every NFL team — winning a Super Bowl.

Whether or not Romo will abide by that request remains to be seen.

Although Jones personally called out Romo, you would assume that it would be understood that the message was also intended for every member of the Cowboys squad.

Well, if that is the case, I’m not quite certain that the man who hands Romo the ball on every play got that message loud and clear.

Cowboys center Phil Costa has recently become engaged to former reality TV star, and daughter of a certain professional wrestler you may have heard of at one time or another, Brooke Hogan. The couple shared this moment last night in Las Vegas, which is just the ultimate foreshadowing of one hell of a successful marriage.

Costa. 25, is entering his fourth NFL season in his career, while Hogan has already had her share of professional careers in her young life. As I mentioned before, she’s a former reality TV star as well as a former aspiring pop musician.

I just used the word “former” to describe the future Mrs. Costa. Oh yeah, this has the writing on the wall of being the marriage of a lifetime and a distraction to the Dallas Cowboys, none whatsoever.


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