San Francisco 49ers Super Bowl Ring Recovered in Airport Restroom by Starbucks Employee

By Jack Jorgensen
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

While I may not frequent them as often as other folks, I’m sure that there are always all kinds of fun personal knick-knacks left behind by folks at airports. Whether they’re in a terrible hurry or just downright forgetful, sometimes it just happens. It has to be one of the most terrifying experiences for someone to realize they’ve generously donated a valuable personal belonging to some lucky person who is fortunate enough to find it. Well, that’s assuming that the person finding said belonging isn’t a good-hearted human and doesn’t report the loss.

For former San Francisco 49ers player John Macaulay, he was lucky enough to have his 1984 Super Bowl ring not only recovered by a Starbucks employee in the San Jose airport where he had accidentally left it, but he was able to have it returned to him in near record time compared to most cases.

The Starbucks employees, Anna Daquina, found the Super Bowl XIX ring in a bathroom near Terminal B. Upon finding the ring, Daquina promptly took it to a volunteer at the lost-and-found area who was able to handle the situation quite easily. How was it so easy? Well, Macaulay’s name was clearly engraved on the side of the diamond-encrusted piece of jewelry.

Macaulay told the San Jose Mercury News that he was surprised how quickly he was able to get his prized possession returned to him.

Super Bowl XIX featured the famed showdown between Joe Montana and a young Dan Marino, with the 49ers easily handling their business 38-16. Macaulay was the center on that San Francisco squad.

You would think that Macaulay would know a little bit about protecting something valuable, handling probably the greatest quarterback of all-time. Either way, thankfully he was able to retrieve the ring so quickly.

Lesson here: Think next time before you erroneously lash out at your local Starbucks employee for messing up your mocha latte order. You never know when they may hold something valuable of yours in their hands.


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