6-Foot-11 Lineman Crushes 5-Foot-10 DB in CFL Football Game (Video)

By Paul Seaver
John E. Sokolowski-USA Today Sports

In comparison to the NFL, the Canadian Football League doesn’t exactly stack up. Who would’ve thought that a regular season match-up between the Saskatchewan Roughriders and Edmonton Eskimos however, would produce a bone-crushing hit and a highlight that is certainly worth watching.

A 6-foot-11 offensive lineman was cruising up the field following an interception that was thrown and a 5-foot-10 defensive back was looking to take this thing back to the house. After a couple broken tackles and some nifty maneuvers, the two met along the sidelines and what happened next is exactly what you would expect.

The lineman trucked the defensive back out of bounds on the return.

Take a look at the video clip from the Canadian Football League below:


In all, the interception was recorded and taking the brutal hit was probably worth it. In the end, we have learned a valuable lesson — 5-foot-10 defensive backs that are returning interceptions should probably get out of the way when a 6-foot-11 offensive lineman is looking to hit someone. Granted he was pretty much blindsided, but hey, we can still learn from the this, right?

In other news, this CFL game was a blowout late in the third quarter when this hit occurred. So, the lineman obviously needed to let a little emotion and anger out.


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