Chicago Blackhawks, Chicago Marathon Show Support for Cammy Can Movement

By Jeric Griffin

A little girl named Cameron is plagued by Rett syndrome, a devastating disorder of the nervous system that keeps her from walking, talking or using her hands in the way that you and I take for granted every day. Fortunately, she has a loving family that has started a campaign called Cammy Can in hopes that she will overcome Rett syndrome. Her story and that of her fan club is a good one.

Rett syndrome only affects about one in every 10,000 children, so Cammy is a rare child in every sense of the word. Rett is often diagnosed as Autism or Cerebral Palsy and it’s as prevalent as ALS, Cystic Fibrosis and Huntington’s Disease.

The silver lining is that Cammy can still understand everything that is said to her and she “talks” with her eyes, so she’s still a beautiful little girl who lights up the room the way such children should. That hasn’t gone unnoticed by the likes of the Chicago Blackhawks and officials of the Chicago Marathon, who have and continue to support Cammy.

When Bryan Bickell was told about Cammy Can, all he could say was, “Wow, that’s amazing.”

In 2012, donations were made so that Cammy could figuratively complete the Chicago Marathon while the runners took steps for her with the slogan: We Run So Cammy Can.

With the support of her family, fans and organizations like the Chicago Marathon and Blackhawks, Cammy is slowly starting to overcome Rett, something that she simply has to do on her own. She has taken walking steps, so the progress can be seen, which gives hope to everyone in her life that she will one day be like every other little girl in Wheaton, Ill., even though she will also never be like them because she’s literally one in 10,000.

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