NBC Sports Burns Bill Simmons for ESPN Wimbledon Tweet

By Paul Seaver
Susan Mullane-USA Today Sports

Man, Bill Simmons just cannot get out of the limelight.

Last Thursday, Simmons and newly appointed Los Angeles Clippers head coach Doc Rivers basically went at it in a “classy” and “professional” manner during the NBA Draft telecast when the ESPN anchor called about the former Boston Celtics lead man for quitting on the organization.

Now, Simmons decides to tweet about the Wimbledon women’s finals — he credits NBC Sports for the broadcasting in the tweet.

The only problem is that ESPN is carrying the Wimbledon final. NBC Sports decided to reach out to Simmons on Twitter and remind him that the network he works for actually has the right. Whoops.

So, within the past six days, Simmons has taken heat for calling out Rivers for quitting on the Celtics and now he doesn’t even know that the network that pays him is broadcasting the sporting event that he is tweeting about. I thought Simmons was never wrong about things — whelp, looks like he’s not the smartest sports person in the world anymore.

Simmons is a  Boston diehard, but he takes it way too far sometimes. Even in the Rivers’ situation — some Celtics fans aren’t appreciative of the way that Doc left town, but others take the stand in saying that he doesn’t owe anything to Boston. Simmons acts like it is the end of the world that Rivers left.

Contrary to Simmons’ knowledge about the Wimbledon women’s final, be sure to tune into ESPN if you are interested in viewing the event.


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